NETTA CHIORELLO, LMT, MEd, Wellness Advisor


Established in 2015, New Health Balance in Herndon, Virginia, supports optimal well-being through hands-on lymphatic drainage  massage and cutting-edge, plant-based wellness solutions.

Netta Chiorello, LMT, Certified Lymphatic Specialist, offers Integrated Manual Lymph Drainage, consultation, and guidance on self-care practices. She is certified to advise on plant-based tinctures, topicals and natural supplements.

Netta Chiorello, Hemp CBD Advisor

"So many have found support and relief from -

aches and pains  |  inflammation  | anxious days and sleepless nights

Do you struggle with auto-immune disease, nerve pain, fascial pain, hormonal imbalance, severe skin conditions, mental and emotional stress?  

Is Lymph Drainage for you? 

How can you get relief in-between sessions?

Would you benefit from exploring organic hemp-based products, or naturopathic docotor formulated supplements? 

I have helped support and guide hundreds to more balanced health!

If you're wondering what might help you - set up an introductory call with me!"


  • I will LISTEN. We’ll begin with your health history and goals. 
  • Ask questions so you understand how differnet options might work for you.
  • Let's set some realistic expectations.   
  • Guidance will always be tailored to your unique situation.   

Relief - Results - Safe, Effective Solutions

 ~ these are my goals for you. Checking in with you along the way is always my top priority.

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