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. . . to New Health! If you're looking for an experienced, educated professional, you've come to the right place.

I'm Netta Chiorello, LMT, MEd, and I've been successfully introducing organically grown Hemp-derived CBD to my clients and customers for the past 4 years of my 30-year massage career.

Netta Chiorello, Hemp CBD Advisor

So many have found relief from -

aches and pains  |  inflammation  | anxious days and sleepless nights.

Hormonal imbalance, auto-immune disease, nerve pain, fascial pain, severe skin conditions, mental and emotional stress - these are just some of the issues I encountered as a therapist.

Massage helps, but adding in well-managed dosing or application of organic CBD, or Hemp Flower Extract, has made an incredible difference for hundreds. 

Are you wondering if it might help you?

I invite you to set up an introductory call with me!

  • We’ll begin with your health history and goals. 
  • You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions so you understand how and why CBD works in our body.
  • Then we’ll set realistic expectations.   
  • Any recommendations I make will always be tailored to your unique situation.   

 Finding safe, effective solutions and checking in with you along the way to ensure optimal results is always my top priority.

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